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Nokia 150 RM-1190 Flash File #Gsmoftwares


Please always flash your phone with updated flash files otherwise your phone will be going to die if you will flash it with corrupted firmware. The firmware of your phone is in one RAR file so you will need to extract it with Win RAR after downloading. Before flashing please don't forget to take a backup of your data, otherwise, you will lose it and your phone will restore in its original settings. You can safely recovery backup data to your phone after successful flashing. Now you can download the latest firmware of your phone from below download links. The download links are absolutely free and scanned by viruses. If you are facing trouble during download or flashing, feel free to contact us here.
Mobile Name: Nokia 150
Firmware Version: v11

Nokia 130 RM-1035/1037 Flash File (10.02.11) Free Download Gsmsoftwares

 The developers of Microsoft has been released latest flash files of Nokia 130 and free download links are available for download. You can use these flash files for hard flashing your mobile. The flash files recently updated and well working. Flashing of mobile does at those stage if mobiles are working slow or completely break with the reason of its outdated or corrupted firmware. You can use different tools or boxes for flashing your mobile. Flashing tools allows you to flash mobiles via USB data cable without flashing boxes. You will need to take a backup of your data before flashing your mobile. Because after flashing you will lose your data and your mobile will restored in its original settings. You can restore your backup data to your phone after successful flashing. Please always flash your mobiles with updated flash files. If you will flash your phone with corrupted flash files, your phone will going to dead.


We are sharing free and official site download links. So you can manage it easily. Now you can download latest flash files of your mobile from below download links. If download links are not working or you are facing difficulties during downloading please feel free to contact us, we will update download links very soon. If you wish to get high performance with your phone, you will need to keep updating your phone's firmware. The download links are scanned by viruses and you download it without any hesitation.
Download links
Nokia 130 Flash File Download

Nokia 106 TA-1114 Flash File - Firmware Download Free GsmSoftware

 Get the latest firmware of Nokia 106 by managing this page. Firmware of phone does at that stage if phone is working slow or completely break due to its firmware. You will need to download some important things if you are going to flash your phone.

  • Download the firmware
  • Install any flash tool
  • Take a backup of your data
  • Install USB driver of your phone
  • Connect it via USB data cable
If you will follow above points you can easily flash your phone. However you will need to flash your phone with updated firmware. If you are beginner in flashing and looking for help online, there are several sites that have ultimate guide and videos about flashing.
Nokia 106 Flash File
Now download the firmware by managing below links. If download links are not working or you are unable to download the firmware from below links, please contact us via commenting. We will help you or update download links very soon.
Model: Nokia 106
Model Number: TA-1114
Firmware Size: 2.56 MB

Arabic Urdu Flash File

 NOKIA 105 2017 TA-1034

Card found : 1EEEBACB , v0122
Infinity-Box BEST Nokia [HMD] Module [NK2] v1.09

Open VPLfile : TA-1034_059Z107_30.04.11.vpl
Description : TA-1034 IJ
DeviceType : TA-1034
ProductCode : 059Z107
SoftwareVer : 30.04.11
PPM LangPack :
[1] : Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
[2] : English (United Kingdom)
Load Ok!

Operation : Write FirmWare [ v1.09 ]
Setting : UserData erase : False
Setting : LangPack Only : False

1. Make sure device is powered off. Power off, if need. Wait 10 seconds after
2. Insert USB cable in phone
Waiting for device connection …

PTFN : Care Suite USB Serial Port (COM55)
PORT : 55
BROM init passed!
CHIP : MT6261 , SBID : 0xCB01 , HWVR : 0x8000 , SWVR : 0x0001
BROM : SECCFG : 0x00000007
BROM : 0x05 BL : 0x00
BROM : MEID : 8283069CB38E650EF3BD68AED1082C8D
BROM : Run BootLoader …
BOOT : Run BL ver. 01
BOOT : 0x05 BL : 0x01
BOOT : WD : 0005
BOOT : RTC : Setup …
BOOT : RTC : 000E
BOOT : PRJ : N103.30.04.11.p1
BOOT : SWR : 30.04.11
AGENT : Look for suitable BootChain in DA …
AGENT : Found MT6261
AGENT : N103.30.04.11.p1
BOOT : Sending 1st DA …
BOOT : DA sent
BOOT : Transfer control to DA …
DA : Agent : v03.02 on BBID : 0x8E

NOR: 00EF : 0070 : 0016 : 0000
NOR: [Winbond] SF_W25Q32JV
TSIZE : 0x00400000 [ 4.00 MB ]
PSIZE : 0x00400000 [ 4.00 MB ]
STYPE : 0x00000000


Boot done!

VPL SoftwareVersion : 30.04.11 [TA-1034]
DEV SoftwareVersion : 30.04.11
SWInfo compare result : SAME

Load FlashSet :
MROM : TA-1034_ROM_eMP_30.04.11
LANG : TA-1034_LANG_PACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
CUST : TA-1034_CUSTPACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
JUMP : TA-1034_JUMP_TABLE_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
VIVA : TA-1034_VIVA_eMP_30.04.11

Prepare FlashSet :
DCR : TA-1034_ROM_eMP_30.04.11
DCR : TA-1034_LANG_PACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
DCR : TA-1034_CUSTPACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
DCR : TA-1034_JUMP_TABLE_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
DCR : TA-1034_VIVA_eMP_30.04.11

Prepare Target
SDS : OK : 0x003F8000 : 0x00008000

Erase Target Flash
Erase done!

Write Target Flash
Write : TA-1034_ROM_eMP_30.04.11
Write : TA-1034_LANG_PACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
Write : TA-1034_CUSTPACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
Write : TA-1034_JUMP_TABLE_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
Write : TA-1034_VIVA_eMP_30.04.11
Write done, waiting target response …
Write flash done!

Verify Target FlashContent
Verify : TA-1034_ROM_eMP_30.04.11
Verify : TA-1034_LANG_PACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
Verify : TA-1034_CUSTPACK_ROM_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
Verify : TA-1034_JUMP_TABLE_IJ_eMP_30.04.11_001
Verify : TA-1034_VIVA_eMP_30.04.11

Elapsed: 00:01:29

Reconnect Power/Cable!

Free File

Product version:– v30.04.11


Mobile Name:— Nokia 105

Mobile Model number:– TA-1034

Technology :– GSM JAVA

Country:– USA & ALL


Product version:– v12.00.11

Nokia 105 RM-1133 v15.00.11 Urdu Arabic Flash file

Nokia Firmware File

Nokia Firmware File – Most peoples are facing contact service issue in many Nokia Mobiles after flashing wrong or downgrade firmware file. Almost can,t recover contact service issue in Nokia Mobile Phones. now if you have a Nokia RM-1133 and your Nokia Mobile Phone show you contact service on a mobile screen, then just Download Nokia Flash File from here and flash on it, we hope your phone will alive back and work perfectly.

Firmware And Tool

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